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At Sasamat Outdoor Centre we recognize that sometimes working families need a bit of help getting through a tough time. We firmly believe every child deserves to go to camp. If your family needs financial assistance for camp, please don't be afraid to ask.

Campership funding is made available for families in need through generous donations from individuals and agencies, and through the fundraising efforts of our staff and volunteers.


 Please consider the following points when applying for a campership:

  • Generally, camperships will only offset a portion of the total fee. Families are expected to contribute towards the cost of camp.
  • Payment options are also available for families who would rather not apply for a Campership.
  • Please remember the needs of others when making a request for a campership. There are many families in need of financial assistance. 
How To Apply For A Campership

To apply for a campership, please complete the form and return to our office. 
  1. Apply early. Campership funds are limited and we also want to ensure that there is a spot for your camper or family if your request for financial assistance is approved.
  2. Complete the entire form (print clearly- if we can't read your application, it will be returned). Include the 5% GST in the total price of the session. 
  3. An incomplete form will be returned to the parent, delaying the approval process.
  4. Mail, fax or bring the Campership request to our office. 
  5. We will process Campership requests by the date the form is received at our office. 
  6. If your request is approved, register your camper or family online for the approved program.



Your Appreciation is Appreciated

Sasamat Outdoor Centre receives funding from many sources including agencies, individuals, corporations and our own fundraising efforts.

Our funders appreciate hearing from the people they support. A brief letter to us remarking on how Sasamat Outdoor Centre has benefited your family will go a long way towards ensuring fees remain affordable at Sasamat Outdoor Centre.

"Dear sponsors of Camp Sasamat!
Thank you so much for helping me send my 9 year old daughter to this wonderful camp. As a newly single mother of two with low income, it would be impossible for me to cover the full cost on my own.
Camp Sasamat means a great deal to us. As a family we used to go to Camp Sasamat for family weekends. Last summer my daughter was thrilled that she was finally able to go by herself. She knew the place inside out and enjoyed her experience as a camper tremendously. She came back full of energy, confidence and beautiful memories. When I asked her how the camp was, she replied with a big grin of her face: ”Very busy, but very good busy! Great food, nice and cozy cabins, lots to do and awesome leaders and friends!” Various water activities offered at the camp such as canoeing, kayaking and swimming helped her become very comfortable around water. Sometimes, if we see a person kayaking around Vancouver, she proudly declares: “We should go kayaking, I am pretty good at it, you know.” At Camp Sasamat she gained an invaluable experience learning new skills such as archery and, her absolute favorite, shelter building. After only one week of camp I noticed how much her appreciation of nature and outdoors grew along with her knowledge of it. She was much exited to introduce me, a foraging enthusiast, to Red Huckleberry, an edible local berry I did not know about. One of the most important if not the most important experiences at Camp Sasamat was meeting and connecting with new friends. For my daughter, who is naturally a little shy and quiet, it was a great opportunity to build and improve on her communication and social skills.
I just can’t say enough how much Camp Sasamat means to us and how grateful I am for your help to be able to access this wonderful experience."
(Edited to protect the identity of the family)