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Spring Staff 2015

Meet our spring staff team of outdoor educators! 
Our staff are truly the secret to our success. Many of our staff are individuals who have grown up in the camping world, whether it be ours or someone else's. They are individuals who see the value of summer camp and seize the opportunity to make a positive influence on the youth of today. We bring together a group of unique individuals who value team work and environmental education. Candidates are selected based on their passion for the job, leadership, maturity and dedication to our core values. 
Our spring staff team are a special group of individuals who are veterans in the field. They bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our programs, adding their own creative flare as they go. Spring staff undergo training catered to working with elementary, middle and high school groups, focused on educational facilitation and nature engagement.
Meet our team: 
Carson Turner 
 "I enjoy the outdoors and feel there is a lot to learn and  
   gain from nature. Everyone at all ages can gain from exposure to the
Samson Li  
 "I really love being an outdoor educator because I just love to work in the outdoors and share it with others! It's so awesome to have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful natural environment right at our doorstep". 
Danaan Cordoni-Jordan   
 "I really love the outdoors and I just love to work with kids. Getting kids excited and educated about the outdoors is important in helping them have fun, stay healthy, and be conscientious inhabitants of this earth". 

 Andrew Turner   
 "I enjoy being an outdoor education facilitator because I love spending time outdoors and sharing that passion with the kids I work with. I also enjoy meeting lots of different kinds of people each day". 
Kieran Simpson   
 "I love spending time sharing meaningful experiences in the outdoors". 
Graeme Thomson   
 "I like working as an outdoor educator because I enjoy adventuring with others in nature and sharing in new memorable experiences". 
Chelsey Mulligan 
 "I love working as an outdoor educator because I believe nature to be the most therapeutic and rewarding classroom in any young persons life. Camp has made me realize my own abilities as a leader and team player and I hope to help others do the same! 
Nico Bernier Wong 
 "I  enjoy working as an outdoor educator because I want to learn in the outdoors as well as help others learn and grow." 
Kaeli Seddon  
 "Being an outdoor facilitator is truly rewarding; I love being a part of new encounters and experiences for other individuals. There is always something new to learn and try while exploring nature!"