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Summer Staff Team 2016 

Staff_1.JPGOur summer staff vary in age from 18 to 30 and their experience ranges from our own Leadership and C.I.T. grads to long-time veterans of camping and back-country tripping, but all of them bring their skills, their energy and their hearts to providing a great experience for all of our campers. Our returning staff rate is normally above 80%, so parents and campers can be assured of a highly knowledgeable and experienced staff team.

While qualifications and certifications differ for various camp positions, our general staff team must have, at minimum:

  • Standard First Aid and CPR-C
  • RCA BC Basic/Advanced Tandem Canoeing
  • One week of intensive on site staff training with sessions ranging from effective group management, conflict resolution and anti-bullying, "sticky situations", on-site safety protocols and more.
Meet Our Team:


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Taryn Chang

"This is my first year working at Sasamat. I love swimming and camping. In my spare time I like to take pictures of the outdoors and nature. Summer is my favourite time of the year and I am thrilled to spend my time at this beautiful lake, surrounded by trees."





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Claire Keays

"This is my first year at the Sasamat Outdoor Centre, I'm from Ontario and just graduated university where I studied Health & Physical Education. I enjoy crafts and any activity that involves being outside, especially with heights. I look forward to seeing everyone at camp this summer!" 





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Clarice Scop 








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Felix Lalonde 

"It will be my first summer at Sasamat, I'm an Adventure Tourism student. I like being in the outdoors more than anything, I like extreme sports like river kayaking, backcountry skiing and Jui Jitsu. To me, the most important thing is to stay active and enjoy the outdoors as much as I can." 








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 Gordon Brown








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Gemma Tomasky








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Rory Hiebert 








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Thea Muxworthy 

"I've volunteered at Sasamat for the past 2 summers and also attended camp when I was younger. Some of my favourite camp activities include kayaking, swimming, archery, and making bracelets. I'm really excited to be working here at Sasamat this summer and look forward to making some great memories!"  











William Harrison
"I have been coming to Sasamat for as long as I can remember. I love the atmosphere at camp, from the friendly counsellors to the splashing of the lake"







Sophie Steele 

"This is my fourth summer working at Sasamat! I really enjoy working with the CIT program. I've been coming to Sasamat since I was five." 










Graeme Thomson












 Brianne Enright

"I've been working at Sasamat for 3 years, and think of it as home. There is so much to learn from children and nature, which is why I love this environment."









Kaeli Seddon

 "This is my second summer working at Sasamat. I have a passion for working with children and youth, teaching, sailing, swimming, and skiing throughout the year."











Colleen Logan












 Rory Suzukovich

"I'm Rory, you will likely hear my loud voice before you see me. I love to play sports like rugby and hockey. This is my first year working at Sasamat and look forward to making sure everyone can have a great time at camp." 











Marisah Hildebrandt

"This is my second summer at Sasamat. I love tie-dye and campfire songs. I  love swimming but hate getting my hair wet. Dogs are the best and so are sunny days." 










Clare Heisler 

"This is my second summer working at camp Sasamat. I LOVE working with the 4-5 year olds (Sasamites) and look forward to another amazing summer at camp."











 Jane Madsen

"Hello everyone! I'm Jane and it will be my first year working at Camp Sasamat. My passion for the water lead me to becoming a lifeguard and I am more than excited to spend everyday at the lake!" 














Emily Moughtin 

"I go to the University of Alberta and I'm taking outdoor rec & sports management. i one being outdoors and trying new activities." 










Kira Bondi 

"I love to sing, I love the outdoors, and i am really excited to be working here at Sasamat Outdoor Centre!  I look forward to meeting everyone this summer." 











Leah Boardman 

"This is my second year working at Sasamat, and I'm really excited to be back! I've been a Girl Guide for 12 years, and a camper at Sasamat since I was 9 years old. My favourite camp activities include archery, swimming and hiking!" 











Luke McAndless-Davies 

"I have worked at Sasamat for 3 years and have loved every minute of it! When not at camp, I go to UBC and study music education in the hopes of becoming a high school music teacher. See you at camp!"  










Oscar Leishman

"I love going camping in my spare time. Along with working with kids, one of my interests is in learning about BC 's animals and plants!" 












Kevin Smalcel 











 Pascal Bernier-Wong

"This summer will be my second at Sasamat. Last year, I worked at Belcarra. I'll be studying Kinesiology at SFU. My favorite thing at camp is canoeing." 










Joshua Kozelj

"In my spare time I like to run and write. I am a long-distance runner running 5-10k's! I train with the Coquitlam Cheetahs Track Club and I also run for the UVic Vikes track team, where I study writing." 












Kayla Gibson 

"I first joined Sasamat in Leadership I 3 years ago, and i haven't looked back since! I've been in Girl Guides for 12 years, and that's where i learned to love the outdoors. I like dogs and swimming too!" 












Ethan Hunter 












Marcie Dheilly Sturrock 














Claire Hubbs











Sydney Ross 











Larissa Dean

"A camper for many years, I am excited to be a part of this amazing team. I love to hike, swim, bike, and adventure! A girl guide at heart and a master of colourful hair, I'm ready for the summer!" 











 Alice Huang

"This is my first year at Sasamat! I love camping and canoeing, but when I'm not doing those things, I am studying in the Faculty of Arts at UBC and preparing to become a lawyer."












Aoife McAndless-Davies

"I've  loved summer camps since I was a kid. I adore the water and enjoy exploring the woods. My passion is theatre and I'll be studying acting next year at UBC. I also like writing and improv. I'm so excited to work at such a beautiful place this summer!" 










Tyree Dube 

"I love to swim and kayak, but my favourite activity by far is the climbing wall. My favourite food is chocolate cake. In my free time, I enjoy hiking and driving."











Turner Mann 

"This will be my second summer at sasamat. I love to hike and do archery, and when I'm not at camp I like to hangout with my friends and do stuff in the outdoors. Next year I will be studying psychology at UVIC". 











Georgia Rae

"This is my second year working here, and I'm looking forward to another amazing summer!" 











Viktor Pysk 

"I grew up surrounded by the outdoors and going to Camp Sasamat. I hope to carry the memories I got from camp to campers now." 











Zaac Agnes 

"This will be my second summer working at Sasamat. My favourite camp activities are hiking and canoeing. I will be studying economics at SFU next fall. Looking forward to having a great summer at camp!" 











Saffrin Granby 

"This is my second summer working here at Sasamat Outdoor Centre. I am currently at UBC studying Cognitive Systems specializing in Computer Science. When I'm not studying, you can find me cycling, hanging out with friends or going for a walk. My favourite activity at camp has to going on a hike because we get to experience nature so up close and be physically active and healthy. Looking forward to a wonderful (and hopefully warm) summer with the campers and other leaders." 









Ania Dziewonski 













 Nicole Djekic











Miranda Tsuyuki

"I love sun, friends, fun, the outdoors, and adventure! That makes camp the perfect place for me. When I'm not lifeguarding, I'll be studying sciences at UBC or on the slopes of the local ski mountain." 











Carson Turner

"I love being in the outdoors, which is one reason why I love camp. I enjoy going camping in the forest as well as going on day hikes. I have been a leader at camp for almost 5 years." 









Nicolas Bernier-Wong 

"I've worked at camp for 5 years. I'm passionate about the outdoors as well as educating children. Camp is an amalgamation of the two where I am able to teach children in the outdoors." 










Danaan Cordoni-Jordan

"This is my third year working at Sasamat! I am passionate about the outdoors and working with kids. I am studying chemical physics at SFU and in my free time, I enjoy knitting, drawing, ,and playing the accordion."










For specific questions on staff, certifications and training, please feel free to contact us.