Summer Bus Information

For most summer camp programs, transportation is included with the fee. Please check the webpage for the program you are registering for to ensure transportation applies to your program, as transportation is not available from all locations for certain programs. 


Be Bus Wise

For your child's safety, when dropping off or picking up your child please be sure to let our staff person know. We want to ensure that your child is safely out of and into your hands. Ensure your child has been properly signed onto the bus in the morning and signed out from a staff member at the end of the day. Make your child aware of this routine.

If you wish to change your bus stop location, please call the office prior to the session start date as bus stop lists are prepared in advance.


Pick-up and Drop-off Times 
The departure times listed below indicate the time the bus actually departs the location. Please be at the stop 10 - 15 minutes before departure time so that your camper does not miss the bus.


East Vancouver




Port Moody


Glen Elementary School


Port Coquitlam


Driving to Sasamat


Voyageur I & Ridgerunner I Transportation 

Voyageur I & Ridgerunner I both have a special transportation schedule, as these programs start on a Sunday. The bus will pick campers up at East Vancouver, Burquitlam & Port Moody only. Pick up and drop off times will be the regular times, however on Sunday instead of Monday. Please note there will be no transportation provided from Port Coquitlam or Glen Elementary for Voyageur I or Ridgerunner I. 

Pick Up Times: 

If you are driving your camper to Sasamat Outdoor Centre, the drop off and pick up times are:

Counsellor-In-Training (C.I.T.) Transportation
C.I.T. campers are on a uinque four week schedule. The first three weeks are a day camp schedule and the fourth week is a residential schedule. C.I.T.'s will register for a bus stop the same way all other programs do, it will just switch from day to residential on week four.
Additionally, C.I.T.'s will have a out-trip between weeks two and three (Saturday-Sunday) over the weekend where special transporation will be arranged. Also, C.I.T.'s will have two certification courses, RCABC canoeing levels, and WCB Level 1 First Aid. Both courses will begin before 10:00am on specific dates during weeks one through three, and special transportation will be arranged for these days.  
Thursday Night Bus Transportation 

For Sasamat Day Campers (not Belcarra Day Campers), Thursday night features a late program. The Thursday evening buses will depart Sasamat at 8:00pm, instead of 3:30pm. All subsequent bus stop times are listed below. 

If you chose to join for evening campfire (7:00pm-8:00pm) and pick-up your child from Sasamat, please ensure you sign them out from the white tent before departing. 

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