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Late Summer Days at Sasamat

posted on 12:29 PM, September 10, 2014
At this time of year the laughter of children at Sasamat Outdoor Centre is normally from kids attending outdoor education programs with their schools.
Going to camp is a well loved part of the year for educators and students, and the number of schools participating in some form of outdoor education strongly indicates that educators believe in the benefits of learning in the outdoors. 
The outdoor education experience for students at camp is one of personal growth and team development. Many children have never had a real outdoor experience, walked in a forest, swum in a lake, or had the opportunity to try activities like canoeing, kayaking and climbing. At Sasamat, schools return year after year and teachers speak highly of the physical and psychological rewards for their students. 
This year, the sound of happy children at Sasamat is from kids attending "strike camps" during ongoing negotiations between government and teachers. We are able to provide space for only a few of the thousands of kids out of school in the province, but we hope to make their time here exciting, educational, and something to remember when they are once again rooted in a classroom and waiting to go back to camp with their class.