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Back to School?

posted on 12:41 PM, September 17, 2014
After a prolonged summer break, due to negotiations between the government and BC teachers, students may be back in classrooms as early as next week.
We've enjoyed having a camp full of children at Sasamat Outdoor Centre during the strike period. We know that along with having fun, they have also learned some new things about themselves, had new experiences, made new friends, and grown a bit in independence.  Late summer weather has been perfect for being at camp. Kids are still swimming in the lake and playing on the beach and can be heard calling to each other and laughing while running through the forest playing games. They are excited, active and interactive.
Children, as the saying goes, are our future. They are also our past. Each of us can remember something of those carefree days of childhood summers and of looking wistfully out a school window, dreaming of summer past and summer to come. 
While no one can discount the value of a formal education, it is also important to remember the value of learning and playing in the outdoors, that for all of us, time spent in active outdoor pursuits in the company of others is important to personal health and growth, and that there are things to be learned outdoors that can never be taught in a classroom.
Here's wishing all the kids who have been at Sasamat this summer a fantastic and successful school year. We'll look forward to seeing all of you next summer.