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Slow it Down

posted on 1:19 PM, March 31, 2015
At camp, things sometimes feel very rushed - get the kids onto the bus, get to camp, get them organized, get to the first activity... and the next, and the next... get the kids back on the bus.
I often encourage counsellors to slow down with their campers. Sit under a tree and spend some contemplative time instead of hiking all the way to their destination. Where you are right now can be as good a destination as where you were planning to go, unless you have a real reason to go there. Today's children often spend much of their time being rushed from place to place. Some slow time is needed and camp can be just the place to slow it down.
Children are becoming increasingly hardwired to work, play and think faster and the younger the child, the more hardwired for speed they are likely to become as technology continues to demand more and more from them. 
Adults are also susceptible to becoming overwhelmed by the pace of life that seems to be a requirement in today's world and, in interacting with children, perhaps don't provide them with the slow time they need to process and learn from their experiences.
Dr. Christopher Thurber, a clinical psychologist and well-recognized researcher and author on camp related issues, has recently posted an article titled "10 Reasons to Give Kids 10 Seconds" on the Canadian Camping Association website. ( It's a good reminder of some of the ways that we, as adults, can help children, and ourselves, to slow it down for everyone's benefit.