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Camp is for Kids > 2015 Canadian Position Statement on Active Outdoor Play

2015 Canadian Position Statement on Active Outdoor Play

posted on 4:49 PM, July 21, 2015
Sasamat Outdoor Centre plays a significant role in program and policy development, public education, and program delivery in the areas of outdoor play and organized camping. The evidence is well documented. Outdoor play is critical to children's health and well-being. Organized summer camping programs and outdoor education programs for school-age children, play a significant role in improved learning and in creating controlled-risk play opportunities that promote healthy child development. 
There needs to be greater understanding by parents, educators and governments, of the value of outdoor play in order to ensure that programs that best exemplify outdoor learning are in place and easily accessible across the socio-economic spectrum.
A recent position statement on active outdoor play, is the first of its sort in Canada. It acknowledges a deficiency in opportunities for children to spend time outdoors that has left children vulnerable to health and personal development problems. The answer to these problems seems simple - get kids outside.