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A Time of Change

by Bronco Cathcart, posted on 4:46 PM, October 12, 2018
After more than 26 years at Sasamat Outdoor Centre, I'll be retiring on December 31, 2018 and moving on to new adventures. When I started as Facility Manager at Sasamat in the spring of 1992, I had no idea that I would work here as long as I have, or that I would become as passionate about the benefits of camp as I now am. 
I became Executive Director in early 2006 and for the last dozen years have been able to provide some measure of guidance and oversight to SOC. I'm satisfied to know that, as I leave, summer camps are full and waiting lists are long, community and school rentals are strong, and Sasamat is in a good place financially. It's a credit to all of the people that I have been fortunate to work alongside over the years.
One of those people is Kristen Hyodo, our current Summer Camp and Outdoor Education Director. Kristen has just won the Executive Director role at Sasamat. She will assume the job on October 22, 2018, after which point we'll continue to work together until my retirement date to ensure a smooth transition.
Kristen has a wealth of experience in organized camping and has had a strong and positive influence on our programs over the four years she's been here. She is talented and hard working and I'm looking forward to the direction she will provide for Sasamat's future. Be sure to give her a warm reception in her new role.
Happy camping.