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Coquitlam Canada Day

posted on 12:10 PM, July 7, 2010

Sasamat Outdoor Centre's participation at Coquitlam's Canada Day event at Lafarge Lake was an overwhelming success. 

The lineup of people eager to paddle one of our Langley canoes was long and constant all day, with people of all ages waiting without complaint, sometimes for more than an hour, for a turn with a paddle. 

Our Community Board members and volunteers worked hard to keep the canoes filled and circling the lake, Canadian flags flying from the sterns. They distributed and adjusted lifejackets, handed out paddles, loaded the canoes, handed out candy and provided instruction on how to hold a paddle, as well as providing information about Sasamat to everyone who asked. Sasamat staff took time from staff training to assist with launching the boats in the morning and getting them back on the trailer in the evening, a major task as each of the canoes is 29 feet long and weighs 400 pounds.

The canoes hold 14 people each, so a large number of people were able to participate during the course of the day. The rides were short, with a canoe leaving the dock roughly every 15 minutes, but everyone seemed pleased with experience, even after the long wait. 

The Langley canoes were purchased with funding from the Alexandra Foundation for Neighbourhood Houses and it was great to have this opportunity to share them with the local community and to promote Sasamat and our outdoor programs.

Thanks to everyone who helped to make the day so successful!