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Summer camp 2015: Watch our website around mid-December for
registrations to open. 


We believe that healthy people make a healthy society. Our programs reflect our firm belief that quality camping and outdoor experiences are key factors in personal growth and development. A progressive and socially responsible non-profit organization, we are dedicated to investing in our children, in our youth and families, and in our community.


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Recent News

If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is there, does it make a sound? posted on 11:26 AM, November 25, 2014
Two weeks ago after a wicked wind storm we arrived Monday morning to find one of our Voyageur canoes had been squished by a tree!
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Camp is for Kids

Insights and Information About Camp for Parents and Campers
For many city-dwelling children, camp may be the only way to experience the outdoor activities that many parents, and certainly most of today's grandparents, thought of as a normal part of childhood. Camp is For Kids is a reminder of the importance of summer camp and the outdoors in the lives of children.
10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Hire Former Camp Counselors posted on 3:24 PM, September 24, 2014
Camp counselors are truly amazing individuals. To get an idea, imagine being responsible for 8 ten year olds, five or six days a week every week of the summer, as well as having to ensure that they...
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Share your Sasamat story

United Way of the Lower Mainland shares our belief that outdoor experiences are valuable training for personal growth and health and supports Sasamat Outdoor Centre in providing its programs. If you or a family member has been positively affected by the Sasamat experience, please take a moment and share your story with the United Way. Your story can help Sasamat Outdoor Centre to continue bringing the outdoors to children and families.